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Here at Multi-max, we are always looking to offer the best in customer service and support.  We strive to provide you with not only a great piece of equipment, but a positive experience every time you call.  Whether it be for sales questions, machine maintenance, or just information on new features, we want you to have a great experience every time.  See what some of our customers have to say about their Multi-max experiences.


"Thanks again for all your support with the start-up of our gift shop. I just received a cd of photos from the grand opening and plan to send a few your way. The Keurig® brewer, coffee stand, MCS and vending machine are working out great! Coupled with your wonderful customer service, we're a happy client."

- John Paulson, Director of Human Resources, Washington Odd Fellows Home


"I have been acquainted with Multi-max for many years and operate the snack, and K-Cup and pod vendor.  Multi-max is without a doubt one of the finest companies I have ever been associated with and it is a pleasure to recommend them.  Please call me if you have any questions that I may be able to answer."

- Charles G. Ray, Ray Coffee Service, Savannah, GA (912-236-2742)


"As a national distributor in Canada, we are always searching to bring new lines of equipment to help our customers grow and improve or help their business.  Since we have the Multi-max line, we have had nothing but great service from all the staff.  All of our comments and concerns are taken in consideration, modifications or upgrades are made rapidly when asked.  Our customers are very happy with the machines as they are well built and fit their business model very well.  We are real happy to be working with a professional team like yours.  Thanks for making it easy and for your constant cooperation!"

- Yanik Provençal – André Labbée inc. 


"Successfully completed installation of a Multi-max / Keurig vending program at (our location in) NY.   With the help of Jon Downing (Multi-max's New England Area Sales Representative) and (our technician) we installed one tabletop Multi-max k-cup vending unit and three Keurig B3000 brewers to service (the location's) third and fourth shift employees when the plant cafeteria is not open.

We are estimating that between 400 - 500 cups per week will be sold from this single location...

From a set up standpoint, the Multi-max vendor unit is relatively simple.  The mechanics of the vending unit itself don't require a lot of technical guidance from PST (Pine State Trading Company).  The unit we set up did not need a coin mech or bill validator, as (the location) integrated their own scan card reader and the Multi-max control unit was completely adaptable.  Jon Downing walked through the programming part of the set up with (the location's) facilities IT manager while (our technician) hooked up the Keurig brewers.  Jon also provided a step by step tutorial on how the unit is filled and operated. 

I will continue to work closely with (the location's) food service manager... to monitor progress and assist as needed.

Thank you for all the support to launch this program."

- Pine State Trading Company, 800 Person Account, Upstate New York


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