Snack Vendor

Now you can enjoy quick servicing in just a few minutes with pre-filled product cartridges and cassettes. The innovative modular cartridge design makes it possible for a route driver to service over 90 vendors (snack, coffee and beverage) at thirty locations in a single day.

The entire Snack Vendor can sit on the custom vendor stand, on a tabletop, or stack it on top of the Multi-max Beverage Vendor for a snack/beverage combo. Each vendor includes a pricing menu card feature for easy and fast bin pricing changes.

  • Interchangeable cartridge system
  • 18 selections (total capacity of 135 items)
  • 9 large item bins
  • 9 small item bins
  • No key required
  • Modular component design
*ADA compliant when used with custom vendor stand