Master Control Station

The Master Control Station (MCS) is the muscle behind the Multi-max Distributed Vending® System. Each MCS can control from one to six vendors.

The unique features of the Master Control Station and the modular design of the system give you complete flexibility. You can maximize profits by selectively deploying equipment and adding vendors as customer usage increases



  • 16-button Keypad
  • $1, $5, $10 and $20 Bill Acceptor
  • Nickel, Dime, Quarter, and Dollar Coin Acceptor
  • Advanced Firmware
  • LCD Display
  • Smart Card Reader/ Charger
  • Four port Inputs for Conecting Multiple Snack, Coffee, and Beverage Vendors
  • MDB Interface


  • Combo discount deals (Programmable)
  • Easily mounts to snack or beveage units
  • Utilizes Router Driver Card or Supervisor Card to unlock all doors
  • Control doors, vends, and tests all attached units
  • Multi-Max ® Pro Software (The Brains)
  • Programmable daily free vends for all customer Smart Cards
  • Track all sales data including money and products
  • Fimrware available online
  • Additional languages and currencies are available
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Master Control Station